Tiffany and Co.’s New Years Resolution? Be More Transparent

Getty ImagesSunset Boulevard The demand for transparency in the fashion industry has resulted in brands like Burberry and DVF vowing to go fur-free, and most recently, Chanel forgoing the use of exotic skins and fur in their future collections. To kick off the new year, Tiffany & Co. joins this fold, announcing plans to share…


5 Grown-Ass Takes on the Elusive Going Out Outfit

A Chunky Knit and Statement Skirt

A chunky sweater might not seem like the choice for a girl’s night out, but the off-the-shoulder silhouette shows off your décolletage.

H&M Off-the-Shoulder Sweater, $25;

Mango Snake Print Skirt, $60;

The Row Bare Leather Sandals, $785;

Chan Luu Diamond Le Baroque Necklace, $495;

Field Notes: 9 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Site

Planning a dream wedding usually begins with finding the right place, but the process can be both confusing and time-consuming for many couples. Asking the right questions when scouting out places can help in the decision-making. Here are some to consider, based on the experience of wedding planners and recently married couples. 1. What does…


A Wedding in Washington. Or Not. (But Maybe.)

Paula Cantos and David Damon got engaged in June and are aiming to be married Jan. 18 in Washington. It will be an outdoor ceremony near the Capitol Building. Odds are good the union will be legal, but as of today no one is willing to guarantee that. Ms. Cantos, 34, and Mr. Damon, 35,…


Peter Meldrum, Who Lost a Fight to Patent Genes, Dies at 71

Peter D. Meldrum, who led the biotech company Myriad Genetics for 23 years, when it was at the heart of a landmark court battle involving whether two genes associated with breast cancer could be patented, died on Dec. 20 in Salt Lake City. He was 71. A spokesman for the company said the cause was…


Boîte: Yes, That Water Tower Is Actually a Bar

Water towers are beloved fixtures of the New York skyline, inspiring urban myths and song lyrics (see: Beastie Boys and Bruce Springsteen). Five years ago, an artist even built a clandestine bar inside a water tower in Chelsea. Now, a tourist-friendly and Instagram-ready version has been erected in Brooklyn, on the rooftop of the new…


Artificial Sweeteners, Not Good, Not Bad

Artificial sweeteners offer no health benefits, a large review of studies found. But it found no proof that they do any harm, either. Researchers looked at 35 observational studies and 21 controlled trials of nonsugar sweeteners in children and adults. Some compared intake of sweeteners with no intake; others compared lower with higher intakes. They…


I Tried Six Online Bra Brands. These are the Best Ones.

In the last 10 years the lingerie market has completely changed—dare I say been disrupted—by a host of direct-to-consumer bra and underwear companies that are revolutionizing the way women shop for underpinnings. When polled, 87 percent of readers reported they buy their bras online (and 71 percent mentioned they’ve stopped shopping at Victoria’s Secret…


What to Cook: What to Cook Real Soon

Good morning. My pal Nick has some pork for me, off the two pigs he raised for slaughter up in the Catskills this year. My brother’s got some goat and lamb and venison, and it’s a long story where that all came from, but the meat is good and there’s a lot of it. In…