Wait, People Pay for Tinder?

“Tinder’s definitely not a game,” said Elie Seidman, the company’s chief executive, in a recent interview. “At the core, it’s about human connection.” If you squint, though, the app doesn’t look so different from the countless mobile games on the market. Tinder has a clear objective and explicit rules. At any time of day, there…


The Vegetarians Who Turned Into Butchers

At Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe in Denver, Kate Kavanaugh trimmed the sinew from a deep-red hunk of beef the size of a bed pillow. “Flatiron steak is the second-most tender muscle in a steer’s body,” she said, focused on her knife work. “This guy sits on the scapula, and I love it because it has…


Singaporean Street Food in a Beautiful Gramercy Space

Headliner Laut Singapura Hawker fare, or street food, is what you’ll find at the new Singaporean restaurant from Salil Mehta and his wife, Stacey Mehta. “Street food, hawker food, represents Singapore,” Mr. Mehta said. “Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines — Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian — but it’s not particularly well represented in New…


At Rezdôra, a Fresh Voice in Italian Cooking for New York

Some restaurants push their tasting menus. Rezdôra doesn’t. A few steps down from the sidewalk, on the same block of East 20th Street as Gramercy Tavern and the brownstone where Teddy Roosevelt was born, Rezdôra lists a “regional pasta tasting” for $90 on its menu. The region in question is Emilia-Romagna, whose refinements in the…


An Outpost of Emilia-Romagna on 20th Street

“Wheat makes Emilia-Romagna the greatest pasta country in Italy. Pigs make it the greatest ham and sausage country,” Waverley Root wrote in his classic 1971 book, “The Food of Italy.” Rezdôra, a new restaurant on East 20th Street, draws on those regional strengths and more.

Separate Addresses Kept Them Together

Because marriage is an ever-evolving experience, we constantly shift, change and, in some cases, start over. In It’s No Secret, couples share thoughts about commitment and tell us what they have learned along the way, revealing their secret to making it work. Who Darroch Putnam, 31, and Michael Rosandich Putnam, 32 Occupations They own Putnam…


How Sumo Taught Me to Love the Gym

I never saw the allure of physical activity until I saw an athlete with a physique that resembled my own. It was at the 2013 United States Sumo Open when the 350-pound Byamba picked up Kelly Gneiting, all 420 pounds of him, and flipped him onto the mat. Time seemed to slow as Kelly went…