15 Sunglasses Brands That Will Take Your Summer Selfie to the Next Level

For Art’s Sake

Burton Geometric Sunglasses

For Art’s Sake saksfifthavenue.com


For Art’s Sake already counts Chrissy Tiegan as a fan, and we assume you’re about to be one too. Their geometric frames and colorful lenses are unlike anything you already own, justifying your need to splurge. 

How Has the Measles Outbreak Affected You and Your Family?

As the measles outbreak in the United States continues to grow, now with more than 700 cases across 22 states, officials and communities have gone to great lengths to halt the disease’s spread. In Los Angeles County, more than 700 people at two universities were quarantined last week. And in New York, the outbreak led…


Should These Clothes Be Saved?

Image A Dacron dress from the Historic Clothing Collection at Smith College. CreditShana Sureck for The New York Times It is possible that one of the more telling narratives of women’s lives in 20th-century America is housed in 50 metal storage lockers in a basement room in the theater department of a women’s college in…


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The Dior Cruise 2020 show is about to begin in Marrakech. Catch all the action, from start to finish, below.

Global Health: Measles Cases Surpass 700 as Outbreak Continues Unabated

The measles outbreak continues to spread in the United States, surpassing 700 cases this year, federal health officials said on Monday. The virus has now been found in 22 states. More than 500 of the 704 cases recorded as of last Friday were in people who had not been vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control…


Update: A New Marriott Division Goes Head-to-Head With Airbnb

With hotel companies feeling the competition from the surging home-share industry led by Airbnb, Marriott International has decided if you can’t beat them, join them. The company, whose brands span from the bargain Courtyard by Marriott to the cosseting Ritz Carlton, is expanding a home-sharing experiment into a full-fledged division that will rent you a…


Pakistan’s War on Polio Falters Amid Attacks on Health Workers and Mistrust

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistani officials had been hopeful that 2019 would be the year they would succeed in their campaign against polio, and declare Pakistan polio free. But a complete victory has proved elusive. Instead, the country’s anti-polio campaign has been hobbled by recent deadly attacks on health workers and resistance from parents in some…


Hello, Arya! ‘Game of Thrones’ Baby Names Are for Girls.

When Katherine Acosta, who lives in Houston, was prescribed bed rest after a miscarriage in 2017, she started watching “Game of Thrones” for the first time. Within a week, she had seen all seven seasons. Then, she watched all of the episodes twice more. So when she became pregnant again that year, Ms. Acosta knew…