Good Leaders Make Good Doctors

During our final year of medical training, I would take turns with the other senior residents responding to cardiac arrests in the hospital. We’d spend weeks camped out in the doctor’s lounge, our hearts racing at the prospect of a patient’s heart stopping, bracing for the moment a shrill pager or overhead speaker would signal…


The 25 Best Items to Buy From The Outnet’s Huge Clearance Sale

Bleached High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand The Outnet


The ’90s called, and they wish they had a bleached jean like this. Style with a white t-shirt, cardigan, and a shearling bucket hat.

When ‘Drinks’ Is the Only Box Left Unchecked

This Thanksgiving you are organized. You’ve got checklists and spreadsheets. Nobody can say you have left things until it’s too late. Except for that one column marked “drinks.” It’s empty. No worries. Even at the last minute, it’s not hard to fill in the blanks. In most states, some wine seller is always open Thanksgiving…


Can Our Lease Weather Unrequited Love?

My best friend (a gay man) confessed to our roommate (a straight man) that he’s been madly in love with him for two years and “always will be.” I expected this to ruin their relationship. But after our roommate explained that he wasn’t interested, everything was fine — until recently. My BFF began pushing boundaries.…


12 On-Sale Designer Combat Boots That Are Better Than Docs

Lug sole boots are cropping up as one of the biggest trends of the season (trust us, we asked the experts), but instead of reaching for classic Doc Martens or actual workwear brands, we’re more inclined to buy designer duds. Those cult-worthy Bottega Veneta boots are still sold out everywhere, but we found some equally…


Global Shopping With UNESCO as Your Guide

On a recent visit to Budapest, I stumbled across Karolina Gallery, a lovely pottery shop at 55 Andrassy Avenue, the city’s blend of the Champs-Élysées and Broadway. As a ceramics lover, I could not resist a few pieces crafted in the pottery-making tradition of Mezotur, a town in eastern Hungary known for its practical and…


On the Hunt in Tokyo for ‘Authentic’ Denim

TOKYO — The best souvenirs tell a story. The jeans in Japan provide a walking history lesson. Levi’s landed in Japan about 75 years ago, and since then, Japanese manufacturers have combined their centuries-long tradition of indigo dyeing with their love of the Levi’s 501 style to craft some of the world’s most meticulously constructed…


Long Overlooked, Bratislava Shines With Newfound Cool

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — The Hotel Kyjev has dominated Bratislava’s skyline in stark, tombstonelike fashion since 1973, a Brutalist holdover from the communist era. But the building, long closed as a hotel, got a personality makeover in August 2018, when it was dragooned into service as part of a festival plastering the city with street art.…


Made in Madrid, by Hand

MADRID — Living in Europe, I’m frequently reminded of an oft-repeated dictum from my high school French teacher, Madame Morris, who insisted that Europeans — at least the late 20th-century ones she knew — would rather invest in a few quality garments than a closet full of cheaply made clothes. While Zara, H&M and other…


A Nairobi Neighborhood Ablaze With Color, Design and Creativity

KAREN, KENYA — In this southeastern suburb of Nairobi, the ubiquitous rust-red dirt is kicked up and splattered onto the banana tree leaves by the intense rains that sweep across the hills and by Maasai tribesmen herding their cattle through the roads during rush hour. Away from the capital, there is space for designers to…