Hungry City: Sri Lankan Flavors in Abundance at Sagara

Cashews fill the platter, dozens, maybe hundreds, curled like shrimp and dark from the pan, hot buttery mouthfuls strafed with salt and roasted red chile powder. Curry leaves gleam, half-buried, fried and ready to snap, tasting of musk and charred lime. This is a generous — and dangerous — start to dinner at Sagara, opened…


Front Burner: Savory Cookies to Whet the Appetite

In a way, Anna Harrington was one of the lucky ones. When Pilotworks, a chain of incubator kitchens, suddenly closed last month, it left 175 small food producers in New York and elsewhere without professional kitchen space. Ms. Harrington, who makes savory and sweet cookies called the Rounds, was scheduled to begin working at Pilotworks…


Of a Kind: An Oyster Plate Collection That Started With Martin Scorsese

Robin Standefer, who (with husband Stephen Alesch) founded the Manhattan interior design company Roman and Williams (their projects include New York City’s High Line Hotel and Upland restaurant), first encountered Victorian oyster plates as a 29-year-old consultant on Martin Scorsese’s 1993 film “The Age of Innocence.” Her job was locating Gilded Age table settings, and…


Tiger Print is the New Leopard

The Inspiration

And, surprise, the quirky, but longstanding thing about tiger print is how often it’s done in colors beyond literally black and tan. Monochrome is spotted frequently (as are more vivid displays in lime green or electric blue).

The Mysteries of Animal Movement

David Hu was changing his infant son’s diaper when he got the idea for a study that eventually won him the Ig Nobel prize. No, not the Nobel Prize — the Ig Nobel prize, which bills itself as a reward for “achievements that make people laugh, then think.” As male infants will do, his son…


Daily serving of nuts may stave off weight gain

Two new studies suggest that a small daily serving of nuts may benefit overall metabolic health and keep off the weight we tend to gain as we enter adulthood. A daily serving of nuts may prevent weight gain and improve metabolic health in the long run, two new studies suggest. From providing cardiovascular benefits to…


What does ovulation pain mean?

A minority of people experience a sudden, sharp pain when they ovulate. Also known as mittelschmerz pain, it does not mean that something is wrong. However, it is easy to mistake other abdominal pain for ovulation pain, so anyone experiencing any pelvic pain symptoms should see a doctor. Ovulation occurs when a follicle in an…


Converse Is Finally Making Water-Proof Chuck Taylors

Converse All Stars were meant to be worn in warm weather and tucked away when the winter season’s rain, snow and slush rolls around. But gone are the days of your Converse being confined to the back of your closet for half the year, because the brand has unveiled its own iteration of the sneaker…


‘Entering Burn Area’: Yosemite After the Fire

In the last two years, the state of California, where I live, has been ravaged by fires so unprecedented that a once rare term has now become routine: megafire. A megafire is a fire that consumes more than 100,000 acres. A few months ago, in an area near Yosemite National Park, the Ferguson fire raged…