What Do You Do With an Unripe Mango? Pickle It

The only problem with amba — the habit-forming, incandescently bright mango pickle found on the bar of every falafel shop — is how long it takes to make. Days, if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way: salting pieces of mango and letting the jars sit in the sun, until the fruit has softened, released all…


Ethel Paley, Champion of Nursing Home Patients, Dies at 99

Ethel Paley, a social worker who for 35 years was at the forefront of helping nursing home patients and their families navigate the labyrinthine health care system, redress hidden abuses in treatment and lobby for systemic solutions, died on Nov. 18 at her home in Manhattan. She was 99. Her death was confirmed by her…


Pete Hamill ‘Ain’t Done Yet’

After 9,000 or so bylines, Pete Hamill has probably earned the opportunity to write the lead of his own profile. “Oh, I thought about it,” Mr. Hamill said on a recent Friday morning, hunched over a walker in the kitchen of his brownstone apartment in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. “‘Pete Hamill is 84,’”…


9 Push-Up Bras That Will Make You Feel Supported

TellTale mytelltale.com


TellTale is the intimates division of Chico’s, and their selection of push-up bras is not to be missed. Their VP of design, Holly Wilson, named this style her favorite push-up. She says «the sleek micro cups keep your look simple and smooth, and the mesh wings keep this style light and easy to wear.”

Medical News Today: What to know about sharp lower back pain

Sharp lower back pain is a common source of discomfort for many people. It can cause concern to some people, especially when it appears without a known cause. Lower back pain is a widespread problem. About 80 percent of adults will experience lower back pain at some point. In most cases, people develop back pain…


A Montreal Bagel War Unites Rival Kings

MONTREAL — Irwin Shlafman, the owner of Fairmount Bagel, boasts that his bagels were the first in outer space, when his astronaut cousin brought them to the International Space Station. He also says Fairmount, founded in 1919, is the oldest bagel joint in town. Just don’t tell that to his arch-bagel-rival, Joe Morena, the jovial…


Medical News Today: Lazy bowel: What to know

Some people use the term «lazy bowel» to refer to slowed digestion. Slowed digestion is a symptom of a condition rather than a condition in itself. A person who has slowed digestion may experience other symptoms, such as infrequent bowel movements, constipation, and straining. Read on to find out the causes of a lazy bowel…


Turkey Trouble? At Butterball, Operators Are Still Standing By

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — The internet should have killed the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line years ago, but all the Google searches, YouTube videos and turkey tweets in the world can’t match the small-bore magic that happens here on the fifth floor of a suburban office building 34 miles southwest of Chicago. Each year from Nov. 1 through…


What Makes a ‘Narrative Violation’?

There’s an easy way to sound smart and edgy in the tech world: First, identify a broad idea that people seem to agree on. Then, cherry-pick a single piece of data that refutes it. Call it a “narrative violation.” And tweet it bumptiously. Venture capitalists, the tech world’s philosopher-kings, have embraced narrative violations. Earlier this…


The Amazon Coat, One Year Later

A few weeks ago, during another unseasonably warm fall day, my husband, in a pensive tone, posed a question: “Will it be embarrassing for you, to put your coat on again this year?” This seemed like an odd query, but I understood immediately what he was saying because my winter coat has a capital “c”…