What can cause pain under the right breast?

While pain under the right breast is rarely a cause for concern, it can sometimes indicate an underlying condition. Some possible causes of this pain include injuries, infections, muscle strain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal issues. A strain or injury are common causes of pain under the right breast, and the pain usually gets better on its…


Skin Deep: The Rise of G-Beauty

Image The next stop on the international beauty tour: Germany.CreditRyan Jenq for The New York Times K-Beauty got us hooked on Korean BB Creams and jelly cleansers. J-Beauty convinced us of the benefits of Japanese essences and sake ingredients. Probably we were bound to grab our beauty passports and move on to another country. And…


15 Father’s Day Gifts That First Time Dads Will Be Grateful For

Being a first time dad is a terrifying time, but at least now they can officially wear a Dad Hat. For their first Father’s Day, help him battle fatigue with an indestructible mug, make him feel seen with Michael Chabon, and more. Shop our edit of 15 useful gifts, here.

What to Cook Tonight

Good morning. We’re 11 days out from Easter, and if you haven’t ordered a ham yet, it’s because either you’re running late or you’re not celebrating and either way I’m asking for hot takes: Where do you stand on spiral-cut ham? Bring your answer to the comments section attached to Kim Severson’s exhaustive and funny…


Exhibition Review: Fashion for a Blurring Binary

BOSTON — It is a cat suit, not a thesis statement, and yet somehow the snug Rudi Gernreich garment — with its band collar, dot pattern and Julie Newmar aura — emblematizes both the promise and the shortcomings of “Gender Bending Fashion,” a naggingly ill-defined survey of a century of gender blur. Using haute couture,…


fixtures: Who Says Old-Fashioned Street Photography Is Dead?

The corner of Prince Street and Broadway, in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, is one of the busiest pedestrian walkways in New York City. Dean & DeLuca, the upscale grocer, is on the southeast corner, while the Prada flagship anchors the northwest, and the two shopping meccas, along with the Apple store farther west on…


Protests in Australia Pit Vegans Against Farmers

MELBOURNE, Australia — When vegan activists halted morning traffic on Monday at one of Australia’s busiest intersections, Prime Minister Scott Morrison described their actions as “un-Australian.” The traffic disruption in Melbourne was part of a “Day of Action” protesting the consumption of animal products, during which activists also chained themselves to machinery at an abattoir…