Black Friday 2019: What You Need to Know

In the age of e-commerce, Black Friday can feel like an anachronism. But don’t be fooled. The Friday after Thanksgiving remains enormously important — at least symbolically — to the retail industry. And millions of shoppers will still be out in stores, working off that turkey and stuffing by racing to find the best deals.…


Love Letter: Do Labels Even Matter?

The loss of a loved one can put a strain on small talk. In this week’s Modern Love essay, writer Laura Zigman shares how the death of her sister and estrangement from her husband’s daughter leads to complicated family math: Do you stop counting someone once they’re gone or keep counting them forever? And, if…


From the Hospital to an Old Navy: Thanksgiving at Work

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is synonymous with domestic leisure — turkey roasting in the oven, football on TV, family gathered around the dining table. But across the United States, millions of people spend at least part of the holiday at work — doctors, firefighters, police officers, reporters, waiters, cashiers, gas-station attendants, concession-stand operators, professional athletes. The…


Cook It Fast, Cook It Slow

Hi and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes. I know some people feel like they never want to eat again after Thanksgiving. That, frankly, has not been my experience. I love a next-day turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. Leftover stuffing is a perfect food. Once, even though I had half a pie left on the counter,…


Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale Will Distract You From Family Drama

33 Percent Off

Hooded Down & Feather Jacket

Cole Haan Signature


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The Best Leftovers Recipes

Good morning. The adrenaline wore off at about the same time the turkey kicked in yesterday, and then there was a long walk in the cold before a glass of bourbon and a slice of pie. Cued up “The Paper” on the big screen in the den and was asleep before Michael Keaton arrives at…


New Strawberry-Flavored H.I.V. Drugs for Babies Are Offered at $1 a Day

About 80,000 babies and toddlers die of AIDS each year, mostly in Africa, in part because their medicines come in hard pills or bitter syrups that are very difficult for small children to swallow or keep down. But on Friday, the Indian generic drug manufacturer Cipla announced a new, more palatable pediatric formulation. The new…


Designer Nafsika Skourti’s Clothes Are Made to Transcend Borders

tyler joe Jordan isn’t a fashion capital—yet—but give Nafsika Skourti a few years. The native designer is getting style cred for her home country with an eponymous new brand that seams together the country’s rich history and its bright global potential. tyler joe “We think of Jordan as a childhood best friend,” explains Nafsika, who…


Here’s What’s Happening in the American Teenage Bedroom

For years, Rowan Winch was nothing if not online. Each day his alarm went off at 6 a.m. and he would roll over in his twin bed, grab his iPhone and start looking for memes — viral images and videos — to share on Instagram. He’d repost a handful to his suite of popular accounts…


Beloved Berlin Currywurst Stand Delivers a Bite of History

BERLIN — The night the Berlin Wall fell, 30 years ago this month, Waltraud Ziervogel’s husband, Kurt, came home with the news and urged his wife to join him in the joyous celebrations and a stroll through West Berlin, suddenly accessible to them for the first time in nearly three decades. “I said, ‘Are you…