The Evolution of Royal Engagement Rings

2005: Camilla Parker Bowles

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles got married, each for the second time, in a civil ceremony and religious blessing in 2005. The bride did not wear white, but the engagement ring the Prince proposed with was extremely traditional.

Moderna to Begin Testing Its Coronavirus Vaccine in Children

The drugmaker Moderna said on Wednesday that it would soon begin testing its coronavirus vaccine in children ages 12 through 17. The study, listed Wednesday on the website, is to include 3,000 children, with half receiving two shots of vaccine four weeks apart, and half getting placebo shots of salt water. But the posting…


The Sadness of the Trips Not Taken

“People didn’t get to go to their high school graduations,” said Ms. Melvin, a special events coordinator for Perfect Game Midwest, which organizes and promotes youth baseball and fast-pitch tournaments. “People weren’t able to see family. And here I was, worried about a baseball game.” That sort of reasoning is a common coping mechanism, said…


The T List: Holiday Gift Guide, Part II

Welcome to the T List, a newsletter from the editors of T Magazine. For this week, we’ve turned it into the second installment of our holiday gift guide, with recommendations from T staffers on what we are coveting for ourselves this season, as well as the gifts we’re thinking of giving our friends and loved…


Dr. Michael Davidson, Who Studied Infectious Disease, Dies at 77

He was badly injured in a biking accident shortly after he relocated to New Jersey for a new job heading up an H.I.V./AIDS research team for Roche Pharmaceuticals. “He had two real loves in life, the outdoors and cooking,” Dr. Sprott said in an interview. Dr. Davidson honed his culinary skills by trying every recipe…


The Salads You Desire

Good morning. I made a no-recipe gumbo with my turkey leftovers and the stock that emerged from them, allowed it to cure for a day, then froze four quarts of the stuff separately for use over the winter. (Easy work: a Cajun mirepoix — equal parts onion, bell pepper and celery — to which I…


Wolf & Badger Is My New Favorite Website for Holiday Shopping

Not unlike the proper pronunciation of the word vermeil (vurrr-may) or various shortcuts on Microsoft Excel, London-based retailer Wolf & Badger falls into the category of wonderful things I regret being years late to discover. Founded by brothers George and Henry Graham back in 2010 as a website to connect consumers to independent designers, Wolf…


The Chicest Outerwear For Anywhere

Collectively, our approach to fashion has changed a lot over the past year. Whereas in seasons before we’ve been quick to embrace trend after trend, we now find ourselves drawn to the classics—pieces that offer the comfort and practicality we look for in a time of scaled-back outings, but also exude the quality and timelessness…


Margaret Qualley Isn’t Afraid to Dive In

Margaret Qualley is among the vanishingly few people in Hollywood who can credibly wield the word “gosh.” Jimmy Stewart’s favorite interjection resounds through her sentences like a slingshot, going hand in hand with her soft North Carolina twang and sweet manner. She is one of an even smaller number of actresses who could take the…


Singapore Approves a Lab-Grown Meat Product, a Global First

HONG KONG — First, meat came from farms and forests. Then, it came from factories. More recently, entrepreneurs have been making it from plants. Some have wondered whether there’s a more advanced approach: Could meat be grown in a laboratory, from existing cells? That effort has faced multiple challenges, from skepticism over something that comes…