What Is Camp (Now) ?

By SHANE O’NEILL and MATTHEW SCHNEIER | May. 4, 2019 | 2:22

The theme for this year’s Met Gala is “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” So what, exactly, does that mean? Six experts attempt to define a largely indefinable sensibility.

Lung cancer: Less invasive surgery for faster recovery

Every day, 78 Canadians receive a diagnosis of lung cancer, the most deadly form of cancer in the country. Some of them will have one of the lobes of a lung removed by thoracotomy, a common, but risky surgical procedure that requires months of recovery. However, a less invasive and safer surgical technique exists and…


Virgil Abloh Responds to Off-White’s Lack of Diversity Criticism

Fashion has always had a diversity issue, and while the industry has made great strides in addressing it, there’s still a lot of work left to be done. So when Virgil Abloh shared a behind-the-scenes photo of him celebrating his Milan-based Off-White staff at a party, fans were quick to notice the lack of black…


Giuliano Bugialli, Champion of Italian Cuisine, Dies at 88

Giuliano Bugialli, who evangelized for traditional Italian cuisine with authoritative cookbooks and culinary schools that taught future chefs and the occasional celebrity how to prepare its classic dishes, died on April 26 in Viareggio, Italy. He was 88. His family announced his death in a statement. No cause was given. Mr. Bugialli spurred a new…


Polo Ralph Lauren’s Latest Campaign Celebrates Black Equestrians

What images immediately come to mind when someone mentions polo matches? Most likely horses, women dressed to the nines in frilly floral dresses and men in dapper spring-themed suits. It’s an event frequented by royals and the wealthy upper class—Gossip Girl and Pretty Woman taught us that. But Work to Ride, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization…


How the U.K. Won’t Keep Porn Away From Teens

Come July 15, 2019, internet users in Britain attempting to visit major pornography sites will be confronted with a question: How old are you? Then, a follow-up: Can you prove it? They’ll have a few options. Users can verify their age online, by submitting official government IDs or credit card information. Or they can walk…


Medical News Today: What to know about black stool

Black stool has a distinct appearance. The main causes are eating certain foods, taking certain medications, and gastrointestinal bleeding. If a person has blood in their stool or any other symptoms of bleeding, they should speak to a doctor immediately. A variety of foods and medications can make a person’s stool black. These can include:…


List of Five: Ryan Reynolds Keeps a Bare Closet

Ryan Reynolds, 42, is known for comedic leading-man roles like the Marvel superhero Deadpool, who wears a full bodysuit. Turns out, Mr. Reynolds wears a uniform in real life, too. When he’s not on set, or being the face of the Armani Code Absolu fragrance, he can be found at home in Westchester County, N.Y.,…