Public health experts awarded funds to ‘get out the count’ for 2020 census

To make sure historically undercounted populations along the Texas-Mexico border are included in the 2020 census, faculty at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) are joining forces with the U.S. Census Bureau, community health workers, and local organizations to launch a collaborative campaign in the El Paso region. The initiative was…


Brain model offers new insights into damage caused by stroke and other injuries

BUFFALO, N.Y. — He calls it his «chocolate and peanut butter moment.» A University at Buffalo neuroimaging researcher has developed a computer model of the human brain that more realistically simulates actual patterns of brain impairment than existing methods. The novel advancement represents the union of two established approaches to create a digital simulation environment…


More federal funding needed to increase Americans’ active transportation habits

The federal government has allocated only about 2 percent of its transportation funds to encourage walking and cycling, not nearly enough to make a significant difference, according to Ralph Buehler, associate professor and chair of the urban affairs and planning program in the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs. In a recently released…


Memory boost with just one look

MALIBU, Calif. January 10, 2019— HRL Laboratories, LLC, researchers have published results showing that targeted transcranial electrical stimulation during slow-wave sleep can improve metamemories of specific episodes by nearly 20% after only one viewing of the episode, compared to controls. Metamemory describes the sensitivity of whether memories are recalled accurately or not, such as during…


InDepth Pharmaceuticals moves ahead with diagnostic to predict kidney transplant success

InDepth Pharmaceuticals, founded by Deepak Nihalani, Ph.D., the SmartState Endowed Chair in Renal Disease Biomarkers at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), has taken a vital step toward commercializing an innovative diagnostic technique that could better predict kidney transplant success in patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a kidney disease that often leads to…


Charlotte Knowles Knows What Lies Beneath

Lily McMurray/Courtesy of Charlotte Knowles Dorothy Parker maintained that “brevity is the soul of lingerie,” but Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault might beg to differ. For their first show at London Fashion Week in September, they presented what they called “militarized” lingerie- and corsetry-influenced looks for a woman who is, as Arsenault puts it, “ready…


Medical News Today: Blocked tear duct: What to know

If a tear duct becomes blocked, tears build up and irritate the eyes. This irritation causes painful swelling, makes the eyes appear continuously watery, and increases the risk of infection. When the tear ducts are functioning correctly, tears roll down from the lacrimal glands — which sit above the outer side of each eye —…


The Evolution of Maternity Style


Back in the Middle Ages in Europe, women’s everyday dresses were typically full and forgiving enough to readily double as maternity wear. It wasn’t until the early 14th century, when silhouettes started to follow the female form a bit more, that specific design elements were introduced to make clothing more pregnancy-friendly.