Mantu Dumplings, on New York’s Streets

At the Nansense food truck, what makes the mantu, dumplings filled with beef, great are their ornaments: garlicky yogurt, oddly punchy and soothing at once, and a rubble of split peas in a rich korma of tomato paste and onions caramelized to a near burn.

Le Bernardin Rises to the Top of a Global List

Le Bernardin, a 32-year-old mainstay of Midtown Manhattan, has been named the best restaurant in the world by La Liste, a ratings organization based in Paris. The seafood restaurant shares that honor with Restaurant Guy Savoy, in Paris, the group said in an announcement on Thursday. It ranked 1,000 establishments. Though Le Bernardin was named…


Medical News Today: Screen time disrupts sleep by resetting internal clocks

Recent research has uncovered how light-sensitive cells in the eye can reset the internal clock when exposed to light. The light from our smartphones may affect our retinal cells, disrupting our circadian rhythms. The discovery could help explain why prolonged exposure to light that is out of sync with a person’s natural, or circadian, rhythm…


Winterize That Cocktail With the Amazing Amari

Like putting away the flip-flops and taking out the boots, changing your cocktail wardrobe makes sense as winter nears. It’s easy to swap those martinis for darker, more brooding manhattans. But many more options are opened up by using amari, the rich, bitter, herbal European-style liqueurs — before-dinner aperitifs and after-dinner digestifs — that have…


The Pour: The Best Wine Books of 2018

Wine invites contemplation — of the world, of our place in it and sometimes just of wine itself. Why does this wine taste as it does? What makes a bottle great? Or flawed? Can a glass still surprise us? What makes some grapes well-accepted and others not? This year’s crop of excellent new wine books…


It Looked Like a Beer Belly. It Turned Out He Had a 77-Pound Tumor.

For months, Hector Hernandez, 47, didn’t understand why his stomach had gotten so big. “I just thought I was fat,” he said. “I’ve always been a big guy.” It would be a year and a half before he discovered that his large belly was actually a 77-pound tumor. In the meantime, he watched as it…


China Halts Work by Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes

BEIJING — China said on Thursday that it had suspended the work of a scientist who claims to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies, saying his conduct appeared to be unethical and in violation of Chinese law. The scientist, He Jiankui, announced on Monday that he had used the gene-editing technique Crispr to…