This Is Your Brain Off Facebook

The world’s most common digital habit is not easy to break, even in a fit of moral outrage over the privacy risks and political divisions Facebook has created, or amid concerns about how the habit might affect emotional health. Although four in 10 Facebook users say they have taken long breaks from it, the digital…


Opioid Lawsuits Are Headed to Trial. Here’s Why the Stakes Are Getting Uglier

Uncontested: The devastation from prescription opioids has been deadly and inordinately expensive. Contested: Who should foot the bill? Just over a year ago, opioid lawsuits against makers and distributors of the painkillers were proliferating so rapidly that a judicial panel bundled all the federal cases under the stewardship of a single judge. On a January…


No Regrets: A Spice Girl at the Frick and Hugh Jackman’s Tight Sweater

“I have to say, it’s very posh,” Victoria Beckham said in a second-floor dining room at the Frick Collection, where windows overlooking Central Park were punctuated by gilt-framed oil paintings. The dinner party of 30, which included art-world professionals, junior varsity billionaires and foreign royals, held its breath. Had the artist formerly known as Posh…


Unbuttoned: Who Are You Wearing and Where Did They Donate?

Arianne Phillips, the Oscar-nominated costume designer who became a public name thanks to her work with Madonna, hit her long dark night of the red carpet soul a few years ago. “I was completely burned out on GoFundMe and tired of feeling like a resister solely on social media,” she said on the phone from…


Breast changes during pregnancy

Breast changes are a normal part of pregnancy and occur as a result of hormonal fluctuations. Changes to the breasts can occur as early as 1 week after conception, and they can continue right up until the birth of the baby and beyond. In this article, we discuss the breast changes that are most common…


23 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids of All Ages

For Ages 6+

Ralph Penny Board


According to the The American Academy of Pediatrics, «children younger than 5 years should not ride skateboards, and those between 6 and 10 years of age should be closely supervised while skateboarding,» so gift this to a stoked 3rd grader. 

This Is What Justin Bieber’s Clothing Looks Like

Remember those white hotel slippers Justin Bieber was seen bopping across New York City in last August? Turns out he wasn’t just a huge fan of the comfy (yet too-small) slippers, he actually designed a whole line of them and debuted his newest experiment when he launched his own fashion label, Drew, last December. Now,…


Medical News Today: Hearing loss and cognitive decline: Study probes link

Recent research adds to a growing body of knowledge that links hearing loss with cognitive decline, which is a hallmark of dementia and often precedes the disease. Research suggests a link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. After analyzing 8 years of data from a health study of more than 10,000 men, scientists at Brigham…


8 Wellness Products to Add to Your Bridal Survival Kit

Most wedding day survival kits are equipped with an arsenal of essential items to help brides avoid any mishaps or unexpected hiccups. Double-sided tape, bobby pins and a bevy of pills, ranging from aspirin to allergy medication, can certainly prove useful. But here are some additional products to help you get ahead of any potential…