Jennifer Lopez’s Best Outfits Ever

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See her style evolution, from the Bronx to Hollywood.

A Feast as Thrilling to Make as It Is to Eat

The classic Italian dish bollito misto is no stranger to strong opinions. Essentially a large pot of boiled meats and vegetables and beloved especially in northern Italy, the dish seems to be fairly straightforward. But every cook makes bollito slightly differently, insisting that his or her method produces the best brodo (the savory broth that…


Neanderthal Genes Hint at Much Earlier Human Migration From Africa

In recent years, millions of people have been astonished, even thrilled, to learn from those popular genetic tests that their DNA is laced with Neanderthal genes. Those genes were first discovered in 2010, in a study of Neanderthal fossils. From DNA recovered from the bones, researchers deduced that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals some 60,000…


How Chaos at Chain Pharmacies Is Putting Patients at Risk

For Alyssa Watrous, the medication mix-up meant a pounding headache, nausea and dizziness. In September, Ms. Watrous, a 17-year-old from Connecticut, was about to take another asthma pill when she realized CVS had mistakenly given her blood pressure medication intended for someone else. Edward Walker, 38, landed in an emergency room, his eyes swollen and…


In Praise of American Cheese

Welcome back to Five Weeknight Dishes. For some recipes, American cheese is a gift from the gods. Take macaroni and cheese, for one; queso, for another. And it’s the key to from-scratch Hamburger Helper, which I stirred together at the last minute on a blustery evening this week. (I knew my kids would like it…


Love Letter: For Romance, Just Add Water

[Sign up here to receive Love Letter, a weekly newsletter about relationship highs, lows and woes, in your inbox every Friday.] Dating fatigue is a real thing, and in this week’s Modern Love essay, Colleen Kinder, who had grown disenchanted with searching for love online, flees the Brooklyn dating scene to teach a Semester at…


Bound by Their Boston Neighborhood

When Bill Walczak called Meg Campbell to ask her for a date in 2016, he hung up happy. The yes he had received wasn’t particularly enthusiastic, but her hesitant acceptance gave him a lift anyway. Spending time with Ms. Campbell, he knew, would be good for him. His wife had told him so. Mr. Walczak,…


Teens Find a Big Loophole in the New Flavored Vaping Ban

The Food and Drug Administration is banning most flavored e-cigarettes, but that isn’t keeping banana ice, sour gummy or cool mint out of the hands of McCracken County High School students. Blame a policy loophole. When the Trump administration decided to prohibit fruit, mint and dessert flavors in refillable cartridge-based e-cigarettes like Juul, it carved…


Suzanne Somers Gets Flirty in a Pink Salt Room

“I’d love to say it was because I had too much sex,” Suzanne Somers said. But the truth behind her crutch would hardly make Chrissy Snow blush: a stress fracture, made worse by a tumble from the private tram to her 93-acre compound in Palm Springs, Calif, while partying with friends. Surgery ensued, followed by…