Pulled Apart by Addiction

In Unhitched, couples tell the stories of their relationships, from romance to vows to divorce to life afterward. Eli Falk and Rina Shapiro met online in 2007 through a Jewish dating website. For both, a Jewish partner was paramount. She was raised in a Modern Orthodox family; he became Orthodox in his teens after a…


Billie Eilish Didn’t Just Win Five Grammys

Even before Billie Eilish took home five Grammys on Sunday, she had already won the night, at least as far as the game of super-one-upmanship that is the red carpet was concerned. She did it not by opting out, like Alicia Keys (who also wore four different looks in her role as host, plus a…


9/11 Workers May Be at Higher Cancer Risk

People who worked at ground zero after the World Trade Center attack in 2001 have higher rates of cancer than the general population, a new study has found. Since 2002, researchers have followed 28,729 people who worked on the debris pile or at the site immediately after the 9/11 attack. Average time working at the…


The Best Looks From the 2020 Grammys After Parties

The 2020 Grammys red carpet was the main stage for unforgettable fashion. But the stars brought out some of their best looks at the exclusive after parties. Some celebrities opted to change up their looks, while others made their debuts at events hosted by Republic Records, Sony, and Universal Records. Below, the best Grammys after…


Access to Care May Explain Disparities in Prostate Cancer Outcomes

African-American men with prostate cancer are almost twice as likely to die from the illness as white men with the same disease. Disparities in medical care, rather than racial differences in the course of the cancer, may be a large part of the explanation, a new study suggests. In a six-year study, researchers followed 18,201…


The Most Delicious Cold Candied Oranges

Good morning. Gabrielle Hamilton has a beautiful recipe in The Times this week, for cold candied oranges (above). It’s accompanied by an essay that’s a glittery, perfect jewel. I think it might get you to make the dish even on a weeknight, just so you can have it the next night after dinner, a perfect…


Prom Dresses Through the Years: An Evolution

Early 1990s: The Remnants of the ’80s, Basically

Basically the really early ’90s were interchangeable with the late ’80s, except in the early ’90s dresses seemed to have a slightly tighter, lower waists and hair seemed to have a slightly deeper side part.

A Knight in Gucci Armor Helps Charge a Geothermal Dragon

CASTEL GIORGIO, ITALY — Fausto Carotenuto, the owner of a spiritual wellness and yoga center in Umbria, the ancient Etruscan heartland of Italy, senses bad energy underfoot. A geothermal company wants to build a plant on a fallow field near his land. He envisions apocalyptic consequences if he and his allies fail to stop it.…


Shopping for Bathmats

It’s the first thing you step on when you get out of the shower or bathtub, and the only thing standing between you and a cold floor (or a wet one) — a small, but essential luxury. But a bathmat can be more than that. When you’re decorating a bathroom, think of the bathmat as…


Looking on the Bright Side May Be Good for Your Health

My husband and I were psychological opposites. I’ve always seen the glass as half-full; to him it was half-empty. That difference, research findings suggest, is likely why I pursue good health habits with a vengeance while he was far less inclined to follow the health-promoting lifestyle I advocated. I’m no cockeyed optimist, but I’ve long…