He broke up with you and left. How to live now? How to be happy? What will happen to you? Sadness, despair, loneliness, questions, and hopes. What if we get together?! If he sees me more often, he will come back to me!

It is much easier to get over a breakup if you do not make these mistakes. So, what you should not do if you are dumped by a man:


Following him on social media, checking his status, planning “random” encounters with him, wheedling information from friends, if he is already dating someone, whether he is suffering without you or is happy and so on. This information will only hurt you more.

Try not to think about him, avoid meetings and updates about his life as much as possible! This way, you will forget him faster and meet someone with whom you will be happier.


Did someone tell you to wait? Why do you keep a place in your heart for someone who does not need it?


When the man left you, he made it clear that he is no longer interested in you. Should it be repeated again? Do not text him, messages will be ridiculous. Do not call him. Do not look for a meeting. In other words, do not demean yourself, experience the breakup with dignity.


Depending on the degree of innate masochism, women are divided into two types. Some blame him, “the bastard”, for everything. Others blame themselves.

In the first case, you condemn yourself to longer torments because it is impossible to detach from a person if you constantly mentally “grind” his actions and get angry with him.

In the second case, you are growing complexes and insecurity in yourself.

The only right way is to understand, forgive and let go. A relationship always involves two people. This means that the responsibility for the breakup is shared equally.


Hope is self-deception.
Do not fool yourself. Even if he returns, your relationship will never be the same. Besides, the problems will not disappear because you broke up for a reason.

Finally, the most important thing: do not hope, but be sure that he will show up sooner or later. Ex-partners come back with time. At the moment most inappropriate.

Taking offense

What are you offended by? Actually, he is a free man (even if he was your husband) and is free to decide with whom to be. Of course, it is unpleasant that it was not you he chose. However, he had the right to make his choice


Do not regret the time you gave him, because you had so many good moments. Do not feel sorry for yourself: this is not the last man in your life. He will soon be just an experience from the past to help you avoid mistakes in the future.

You can feel sorry for him. After all, there will be no better woman in his life!