It’s not for tonight, but you could sketch out a grocery list for the fall dinner David Tanis outlined in his column for The Times this week: spinach and feta borek to start, followed by slow-roasted Turkish lamb accompanied by rice pilaf with pumpkin, currants and pine nuts, and an almond cake with saffron and honey for dessert.

And you could absolutely make up some snacks for waiting on Tuesday night’s election results, food to accompany the dogcatcher blues.

There are thousands and thousands more recipes to cook tonight and in coming days awaiting you on NYT Cooking. (I dig this sweet potato casserole pie.) Yes, you need a subscription to access them. Subscriptions are the price of admission, same as how you need a ticket to watch “The Irishman” down at the multiplex.

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Now, I hope you didn’t miss Amelia Nierenberg’s piece in The Times last week about widows cooking through grief. Do read this compilation of reader reactions to the article, with poignant stories of their own.

It’s nothing to do with kale or coconuts, but @bestofnextdoor is my new favorite Twitter account. It’s a compilation of the best posts on the neighborhood site Nextdoor.

A lot of people in my set regret reading Ronan Farrow’s “Catch and Kill” — because of how all the rest of the people in my set are raving about listening to Farrow read it aloud for the audiobook.

Finally, do take a look at our Wirecutter’s collection of the best Thanksgiving kitchen tools and tableware. Some new pantry towels for the holiday? A potato ricer? Digital oven thermometer? A bunch of new plates? Order what you need this afternoon, and you’ll feel on top of the holiday planning even if you don’t know yet if you’ll be cooking for 6 or 26. And I’ll be back on Wednesday.