Pink-beige shades, eyeliner, lush eyelashes, and other tricks will help refresh the image. We share the secrets of how to look younger with the right makeup.

Pink-beige shades

Give preference to delicate peach-beige shades – they will refresh the image. Makeup will work especially effective with one product. For example, you can use blush – apply it not only to the apples of the cheeks but also add emphasis to the movable eyelid.

Tone with shine

Choose lightweight foundations with a radiant effect: thick, multi-layered products and a matte texture only highlight wrinkles and folds. If you need an additional remedy to correct blemishes, use a concealer and smoothen the skin pointwise, with a minimal amount of product.

Eyebrow correction

With age, the hairs fall out, and the eyebrows look scanty and spoil the whole look. Moreover, the strings definitely make all top beauties older. Nobody encourages you to draw wide eyebrows for yourself, just take an eyebrow pencil or gel and fill in the blanks with even strokes. An interesting master class on the makeup of this area is given in the video:

Lush eyelashes

Volume lashes will open up and rejuvenate the look. Use a curler or mascara with an appropriate effect. Eyelash extensions are also relevant, but remember that it is better not to be greedy and strive for naturalness, otherwise, you will look ridiculous.


Win-win options include drawing a line along with the space between the eyelashes of the upper eyelid and inside the eyelid, along the contour of the eyelash growth (this technique is called tight lining). As for the lower eyelid, you should be careful: do not draw a black line without shading – otherwise, you will accentuate wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

Glitter or tint

Matte lipstick is a poor choice when it comes to anti-aging makeup. Glossy lipstick, gloss, and tints (preferably pink or berry tints) are more suitable candidates.

Pay attention to the so-called kissed lips effect – it looks natural and gentle. To repeat, apply the tint with your finger or a fluffy brush to the center of the upper and lower lips and gently distribute the product without emphasizing the contour.