Mistakes that are forgiven at a younger age can ruin the whole image over time and make you much older. What are the main makeup blunders to avoid after 40?

Too much foundation

The foundation is good only for selfies, photoshoots or video conferences: phone or computer camera “consumes” saturation, so your face will look advantageous on the screen. Lightweight images are welcome even with the wedding makeup, which, according to makeup rules, should fit you like a glove throughout the day. In the pictures, a lot of foundation and powder will probably look advantageous, but in life several layers of tinting agents look repulsive.

The way out is to apply a base + foundation (or BB cream) + powder. The formula works both for those who generally like light makeup and for those who want to hide more. It is also important not to miscalculate the shade of the product – sometimes too dark foundations create a “dirty” effect on the face. To find out if it’s yours or not, apply the product to your face and take a photo without filters and in natural light. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to do it in the store, and the method of testing it on the wrist does not always work.

Too little shine

To many, the glowing skin trend still seems intimidating (although it has been popular for the past five years, if not more). The first scary factor is the effect of oily skin. Most of those who have not tried to tame the highlighter (the remedy for shine) believe that shine is nothing but sebum on the face. The second factor of fear is Instagram bloggers with their iridescent bluish-yellow cheekbones, who are fighting for advertising contracts and subscriber likes via non-standard images.

In fact, highlighted skin is different from oily skin. It is enough to apply the highlighter once and see the difference. You will never take golden eyeshadows on the eyelids for problems with sebum regulation.

We think there were enough arguments: with the help of a highlighter, you can favorably emphasize the following zones – cheekbones, the area under the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, the arch above the lip. Matte makeup accentuates the pores, highlights wrinkles, whereas radiance, on the contrary, diverts attention from your “imperfections” (if any, of course).

Matte lipstick

Previously, we were told that red and any dark lipsticks are all evil since they emphasize folds, a blue mesh of veins, under-eye bags, and the presence of ex-husbands. They can be used only in dosage and on perfectly aligned skin without flaws. Indeed, scarlet lipstick was considered almost a sign of the upper class.

Fortunately, in our free time, lipstick is treated more easily: wear it as you like and with anything, for God’s sake! And yet, one small recommendation remains – use less matte textures.

Again, for photoshoots, selfies, and other staged frivolous things, the option is not bad – you will look no worse than Kylie Jenner on the eve of the invention of the multimillion-dollar beauty industry with matte glitters at the head. But in real life this is still something to do – it is necessary for the lipstick to be distributed evenly over the surface of the lips, without emphasizing irregularities and peeling. And since the latter appear in all living people (and even scrubs do not always save), it will be faster and easier to apply gloss or glossy red lipstick.

Black eyeliner on the lower eyelid

Right now, someone will be hurt in the very heart, but the truth is as follows: an unshaded black pencil or (even worse) eyeliner on the lower eyelid visually narrows the eyes. With age, this error also increases (again visually!) the number of wrinkles near the eyes and darkens the circles under the eyes.

Eyeliner is cool and fashionable. But look for other approaches – for example, colored pencils, or take a black bold eye pencil or kajal and shade it with a brush.