LUKOIL initiated a visit of managers of Russian and international organizations to the Komi Republic to demonstrate the results of a fire response at A.Alabushin field.

The group of visitors included Vassily Bogoyavlensky, Deputy Director of the Oil and Gas Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Solovyanov, Deputy Director of the All-Russian Environmental Scientific Research Institute of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources, Vladimir Chuprov, Head of Greenpeace Russia Energy Unit, and Alexey Knizhnikov, WWF Russia Coordinator of Environmental Policies of Fuel and Energy Companies.

During the group’s visit to the field, Alexander Leifrid, LUKOIL Vice-president and General Director of LUKOIL-Komi LLC, presented a fire response report, and the expert team had a meeting with residents of the settlements in proximity to the well. ​

“Initiating a visit by environmental experts to an emergency scene is unprecedented for Russia. It demonstrates a new approach by oil and gas companies to solution of complex environmental problems. LUKOIL’s willingness to provide information contributes to better understanding of the accident. We saw it for ourselves that the company controls the situation at the field, and everything is done to the highest standard possible”, Mr. Knizhnikov commented.

The inflammation occurred at the mouth of well 2R of A.Alabushin field, the Komi Republic, on April 10, 2017, as a contractor was doing overhaul maintenance. According to preliminary analysis, the fire was caused by an outburst of a gas-liquid mixture. There are no fatalities or injuries. LUKOIL’s emergency response teams and firefighters of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations extinguished the fire on May 11.