If you’ve been admiring a certain someone from afar, social media has made it incredibly easy to find out almost anything about them. After just a few minutes of scrolling, an expert-level lurker can dig up everything from their crush’s favorite food to the details of their last relationship.

Jared Wood, who taught English abroad in South Korea, became mildly obsessed with a Korean body builder named Tae Ho, who he was following on Instagram. After hours of snooping through his crush’s life (and finding his gym), Mr. Wood devised a plan to run into him. What started as a social media-fueled infatuation soon turned into an unexpected friendship.

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While some may think showing up to a dinner date with a list of questions might seem a bit off-putting, Lina-Marie Mano and Andrew Silvestri, who met in 2016 at a mutual friend’s backyard, said that asking the right questions helped them to discover their compatibility early on. The couple often spent their dates playing 20 Questions, which led to free-flowing conversation that, Ms. Mano said, “added much more depth and insight to anything we chatted about.” The couple were married on July 25 in Oklahoma City.

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