The new shade is closest to a creamy blonde. At the same time, it is not necessary to dye the roots to embody the trend. So, let’s see which shade of blond became the most popular in the fall of 2020?

Neutral blond is a mix of warm and cold tones (which is probably why the name “neutral” was given). It is not as harsh as ice or platinum blond, but at the same time it does not look yellowish. As a rule, this is a monochromatic coloring, without abrupt transitions, while in some cases the roots are not tinted.

Some stylists resort to practically culinary recipes to describe the new trend, believing that the coloring combines “sparkles of champagne, cream strands, sand color, and a little golden sheen.”

If you want to follow the trend, ask your stylist for a creamy blonde, but without the yellowness or bleaching platinum. After staining, be sure to use purple shampoo to maintain color.

Would you like to try a new blond shade?