Lips are very sensitive. In fact, they are somewhere between the skin and mucous membranes. There are almost no sebaceous glands on lips, so they always lack a natural protective lubricant. Because of this, the skin of the lips quickly reacts to various factors with dryness and peeling.

Wind, rain and temperature changes

Natural factors adversely affect the condition of the delicate skin of the lips and can cause dryness and peeling, leading to chapping and cracking.

Lip licking

This is a very bad habit, which enhances the effect of weathering by several times. Therefore, try not to lick your lips outdoors. For the same reason, it is advisable to refuse snacks and drinks in the fresh air. If you still have thirst, drink through a tube so that moisture does not get on your lips.


In addition to the obvious detrimental effects of cigarettes on health, smoking removes the thinnest protective layer from the lips. In addition, smokers get wrinkles in this area of the face much faster.

Long lasting lipsticks

The chemical composition of persistent lipsticks contributes to skin drying. Try not to use them every day. There are a lot of products with moisturizing and nourishing components in stores that will not harm you.

How to save lips from peeling

Hygiene lipstick or balm will help protect your lips. If there are no special products, you can use olive or other oils. Apply a balm or lipstick every time after washing, after brushing your teeth, after eating and drinking (even if you drank only a cup of coffee or a glass of water), before going out, after going to the pool, and before going to bed.

How to choose a lip balm

When choosing a lip balm, pay attention to the label. The composition should include oils (olives, coconut, cocoa), beeswax, vitamins (vitamins A and E). These ingredients soften the lips perfectly well and create a protective barrier that prevents drying. There are also lip balms with an instant recovery effect. Such products are specially created for dry, flaky and already weathered lips. As a rule, these balms have a lighter texture.

If your lips dry and crack quickly, use a balm as a mask. Do it every night. Apply a thick layer of the product on the lips for about 10 minutes. Get the rest wet with a napkin.

Sometimes they include substances that improve microcirculation and healing of the skin, for example, menthol. Other components can stimulate regeneration: panthenol and allantoin. From vegetable oils, lip balms with immediate effect include olive and castor oils, which instantly soften the lips, relieve discomfort and restore the protective hydrolipidic barrier.

Use pharmacy ointments

Bepanten ointment is a very good remedy. It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. If you apply it to your lips every evening, the cracks will heal quickly, and the skin of the lips will be softer. A small amount of ointment can be used throughout the day instead of balm. It is colorless and stays on the lips like hygienic lipstick. The only thing is the smell that some people dislike. In this case, you should use it in the evening, so during the day you can apply coconut oil or a balm with natural oils.