How to remove post-acne spots: effective folk remedies and recipes for effective homemade masks. Cosmetology solutions to the problem are given below.

Acne is not the only problem that makes you feel ashamed of your own image in the mirror. With improper treatment, they often cause lasting unpleasant consequences — unattractive red marks and even scars. But, fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of them.

Effective face masks against acne spots

Recipes of masks against acne spots are not only simple in terms of their composition, but they also have a visible effect. They will help to fight redness and to get smooth skin.

Clay masks

Powder clay is an effective and inexpensive treatment for not only acne but also for post-acne spots. Having a profound effect on the upper layers of the skin, it gradually removes visible imperfections. Green and white clay are its most effective types for solving this problem. They can be used independently, dissolved in mineral water, or (for a faster result) with additional components.

Clay masks will help you get rid of post-acne spots

White clay is perfectly combined with lemon juice, which contains a large amount of vitamin C and has good whitening properties. Mix half a tablespoon of clay with equal proportions of lemon juice and water.

The essential oil is an additional ingredient to green clay. In the fight against acne spots, rosemary and tea tree oil are also effective. You will need just a couple of drops of the selected oil. Next, the mixture is diluted with water.

Both mixtures are very concentrated, which is why it is best to apply them to the most problematic areas, without touching healthy skin.


Badyaga powder is one of the oldest and very effective means traditionally used to get rid of bruises. It does an excellent job with acne spots, and its obvious advantage is the small cost. A badyaga mask can be prepared in several ways: diluted in a 1:1 ratio with water, warm olive oil or 2% boric alcohol. The latter method is the strongest and should be applied very carefully and only to problem areas. The mask must be kept for 15-20 minutes. The feelings may not be too pleasant: tingling and even a slight burning sensation are normal – this means that the mask works! After applying  the mask, the skin turns a little red, and peeling can begin.

Honey masks

Honey is another potent stain remedy. Liquid honey is suitable for the mask, and its additional component is cinnamon powder. The ingredients are taken in equal proportions, and the mask is applied to problem areas for about 20 minutes. It can be used once every two days, and obvious results will be noticeable after five sessions.

Folk remedies to get rid of spots on the skin

The simplest “inhabitants of the refrigerator” can be useful not only for the body, but also for the skin, helping to remove redness. Of course, such tools will not help in the fight against irregularities and scars, but they will cope with acne spots, possessing good whitening and anti-inflammatory properties.

Many useful face products can be found at home:


This green vegetable can be applied in different ways. The easiest one is to cut it into slices and put on a face. Although it takes more time, a more effective way would be to grate the cucumber. Thus, it will give out a lot of juice, which you can use as a lotion, rubbing your face with it every day.


Lemon juice cannot be applied to the face on its own as it can cause harm. Having diluted it with water, you can wipe acne spots.


Tomato pulp is rich in antioxidants that renew the skin. By applying it to the skin for a while, you can soon notice an obvious improvement.

Apple vinegar

This is quite a powerful tool that can be used in several ways. One part of vinegar is diluted with three parts of water. The liquid can be used as a lotion or to prepare ice cubes to be used in the morning. To get rid of old scars, it is necessary to moisten a piece of gauze or a soft tissue in the solution and then apply it to the affected places for about 5-7 minutes.

Ice cubes

Frozen infusions are extremely effective: ice reduces inflammation and redness. You can make ice from parsley infusion: pour a glass of boiling water in the finely chopped parsley, let it brew for half an hour, and then pour it into the frosting molds.

Essential oils

Tea tree, rosemary, and a mixture of lavender, neroli, and incense will help you get rid of red spots. Only a drop is enough to wipe the red spots. This can be done daily, but not more than once a day, as the essential oils are very concentrated.

Cosmetic methods against the hated spots

In case home remedies are ineffective or only partly helpful, visiting a cosmetologist can be the only solution. Having chosen the best procedure, you can not only get rid of red stagnant spots but also smooth out the skin by removing scars and minor defects.

Peeling of different face types is the most optimal procedure that will help to cope with the problem.

Chemical Peeling

The skin is treated with special acids that act on the median layer of the epidermis. This is the most popular procedure for getting rid of post-acne spots. The most widely used fruit acid removes the top keratinous layer of the skin together with the unattractive spots. After peeling, the skin becomes smooth.

Ultrasonic peeling

With the help of a special device and additional preparations, the pores are cleaned, the skin of the face is smoothed, and traces of acne disappear as if they have never existed. This procedure is absolutely safe and leaves no consequences. This is the softest way of a cosmetological effect.

Mechanical peeling

Microdermabrasion is a way to forget about blemishes and even large scars on the skin. Microcrystals of aluminum oxide exfoliate the skin with the help of a special apparatus and perfectly align it. After just a few sessions, the face skin will become perfect.