Nobody is safe from meeting this type of men. And even if it seems to you that you cannot be deceived, we advise you to refresh your knowledge about gigolos. How to determine that you are dating a gigolo?

He has good taste

Moreover, in everything. He is always neat and fashionably dressed. He likes good businesses and restaurants. He drinks the very best champagne, he likes the most expensive resorts. He’ll want to keep you company when you go shopping. And it will also be romantic to talk about your future vacation in Bali.

He knows perfectly well what he is doing. And you should be alert. Because there is a possibility that you will become the sponsor for all these desires.

A gigolo pays only at the beginning of the relationship

During your first meeting, the gigolo may seem like the most gallant and generous man. Because first, he needs to interest you.

At first, he will make beautiful gestures. For example, he may give 101 roses for no reason or invite you to the best restaurant in the city. But over time, only words will remain of his generosity, and he will gradually leave you alone to deal with the financial side of your common life.

He is very charming

And he really knows how to make compliments. In addition, he is attentive and genuinely interested in everything you tell. Because this information can be useful to him.

A gigolo knows how to manipulate

This information will come in handy here. Gigolos are excellent manipulators. They most often choose lonely and attention-hungry girls as victims. Usually, such ladies willingly share stories about their lives.

A man remembers all this and easily notices your weak points and vulnerabilities. He knows how to take advantage of your weaknesses.

If he has financial difficulties, it is always not his fault

Gigolos will never take responsibility for their financial difficulties. Therefore, if they now have an empty wallet and you know about it, then take care of yours. It is unlikely that he is going to solve his financial problems only by his own means.

He has no career ambitions

He can be working somewhere, or maybe he is completely unemployed. Most likely, you will not even know how he earns his living.

Such men do not dream of building a deafening career. They are happy with what they already have. After all, in order to thrive in life, they don’t have to work hard. It is enough for their partner to do it. That is you.

He’s a great lover

First, because he has a wealth of experience. After all, even when you are dating a girl for money, you have to go to bed with her in order to keep her.

Secondly, he is a good lover because sex usually helps remove all hardships from a relationship. You must remember that there will be many hardships in a relationship with a gigolo.