Kendall Jenner is rich, beautiful and famous, she’s just 25 and seems to have a perfect life and a perfect body and skin. But recently the model opened up about her acne problem, as well as what helped her get rid of acne. Let’s find out!

Kendall told  Vogue in an interview, that she had had skin problems for a long time and it had been difficult to find out the reason for her skin rashes.

Was it because of her diet? Hormones? Allergy or some cosmetic products? She had no idea. Then, as a test, she excluded milk products from her diet and the magical result was almost immediate!

Jenner still eats cheese because she likes it so much, so she didn’t cut out all dairy.

She also said that drinking a lot of water every day was very helpful.

Kendall’s skin problems started at the age of 14 and made her quite insecure and feel helpless. On the one hand, everybody knows you and follows your life, on the other hand, each of us has days when you just don’t want to be seen by anyone, be it due to a bad hair day or skin rashes emerging from time to time.

By the way, Kendall is not the only celebrity who said no to milk. Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox and Beyoncé don’t eat dairy anymore, too. They claim, it promotes weight loss and makes your skin smooth. No bloating, no blemishes.

Should I Stop Eating Dairy?

Cutting out whole products groups isn’t healthy, but if you are struggling with acne, try going dairy-free for a week to see any possible difference, just like Kendall Jenner did. Who knows, maybe it could help you.

In severe cases, consult a skin specialist for efficient acne remedies that will help your problem.