From the power of meditation to the importance of leisure, here are some habits we learned during our quarantine.

Months have passed since we received the instruction to quarantine in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and little by little we have had to learn to live in this new normal. At first, it was a challenge to adopt a new routine, get used to running my physician recruiter practice from my home office, and stop doing non-essential activities. But the time has come to see the positive side of this situation and recap everything learned from it.

Like many people, some of the most important lessons came in the form of healthy habits that we incorporated into our daily routines, initially so as not to go crazy, but later we adopted them as part of our lifestyle. Here are some wellness practices that became essential to survive the quarantine and that will help you lead a balanced life even after the pandemic.

Eat a healthy diet

One of the first tips we received to protect ourselves against the coronavirus was to maintain a good diet to strengthen the immune system. This forced us to pay more attention to the quality of the food we eat and the nutrients we provide to our bodies.

Eating a healthy diet is a practice that should stay in your life not only to protect you from disease but to improve your health and quality of life.

Practice patience and meditation

From weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, trips, and other events, COVID-19 forced everyone to change plans almost from one moment to another. At first, we thought that it would be a matter of weeks to resume what we left pending, but very soon we realized that it would not be the case.

Amid the uncertainty, anxiety and stress became common, which is why patience became one of the most valuable virtues during this time. One of the most effective ways to practice patience is through meditation, which forces us to be in touch with ourselves and to let go of what we cannot control, thus giving us a moment of peace of mind.

Insomnia cases increased during the quarantine and one of the recommendations of the experts was to exercise during the day to tire the body and mind naturally. Whether it’s HIIT, yoga, or cross-training, the important thing is to find a workout that you like and that suits your lifestyle so that you keep doing it.

One hour of exercise a day is enough to activate the body and regulate your energy levels.

Appreciate the little things

During the pandemic, we had to give up hugs, living with grandparents, meetings with friends, trips to the park, etc. and we realized how important these simple activities are. We learned that small things, such as contact with nature and with others, bring us the greatest happiness.

Allow yourself a break

It’s okay if you started exercising, eating healthy, and reading one book a week. However, there are days when the body simply asks for a break. You don’t have to be productive every day and understanding that during the quarantine was revealing.

The days of being in your pajamas and doing a Netflix marathon are just as important as the days of endless meetings on Zoom and pending work. So giving yourself a break is something you should allow yourself at least once a week even when the pandemic passes.