Bespoke is a term used for custom-tailored clothing, and it describes some of the goods at the uptown New York boutique Harlem Haberdashery and its parent company, 5001 Flavors. Sharene and Guy Wood, who run the company with family members and other partners, have also used the term for their new line of spirits. HH Bespoke Gin is in the dry London style, with a mellow finish. Bespoke Vodka is a clean spirit made from potatoes. Bespoke Rum, a barrel-aged blend, delivers sweetness and spice, and could stand in for bourbon in a cocktail. Because of liquor laws, these bottles are not sold at Harlem Haberdashery.

HH Bespoke Gin, Bespoke Vodka and Bespoke Rum, $54 each, for 750 milliliters at Pompette Wines & Spirits, 420 Lenox Avenue (West 131st Street), 212-368-9463,,

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