The coronavirus pandemic has given new meaning to being home for the holidays this year. Most newlyweds will have to celebrate their first Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve in more intimate settings because of social-distancing requirements, but they can still do it in style.

Chefs and event planners weigh in on some of their favorite, meaningful gifts for couples, including vintage wine, coffee table books and essentials for creating flavorful dishes in their kitchen.

The owner and founder of Luxe Fête event planning and design studio, based in Miami.

A New Orleans-based chef, restaurateur and author of “Where I Come From: Life Lessons From a Latino Chef.”

An event and interior designer and the founder and creative director of Houses & Parties, based in Savannah, Ga. and New York.


“Everyone gets excited about building a tabletop, but it’s also a good idea to first make sure you have essentials for an elegant cocktail party, no matter how small. That way you can entertain without having to wait to have the larger dining table or bigger home. A sterling silver serving tray is a beautiful gift that lasts forever. It can be used for liquor bottles on a bar, a grouping of nibbles in small bowls, to pass drinks when guests arrive, or to serve a cocktail buffet. Choose a simple style that will adapt to changing décor tastes, like clean Art Deco lines.”