The material of this site addressed to traders, who is acquainted with Elliot’s wave theorie, and had chosen this theorie for analises of finansial markets. The site is intended for treatment of the questions, connected with practical use of wave’s theorie. There is no doubt about efficiancy of this theorie, that’s why on this site there is no materials about the base of Elliot’s wave theorie.

It’s supposed, that the last is known good enough for the user’s. The difficult of practice use of wave’s analise is connected with great degree of legitimacy of expected results. It means, that the goal of the trader is, first of all, to minimise probable scenaries, second, to determine the entrance point into the market after the confirmation of the scenarie development of the market. Adduced of this site metodical composition of analises is tasted and filtrated. As it seems to me, this is the minimum, without witch the analyses of markets may be correct. Probably, somebody considered this way too difficult or too simple,- I suggest discussion all the questions of wave’s analyse on finansial markets and it’s practical use.

The of harmony the markets is very individual., that’s why don’t use my scenary for trade. Trading scenarys – not a system. Everyone, traiding a long time according Elliot’s, can create and use his own’s trading system on the base of Elliot’s wave theorie.

The present material is considered by the auther as an appeal for a discussion on content’s level. All indications of user’r on possible errors in marking and approach to the marking will be taken with grateful and considered.