Ears of corn with purple kernels among the gold are new on the market from Baldor Specialty Foods, the wholesale company that has been delivering to retail customers during the pandemic. The corn, which comes already shucked in packs of four, is grown in Florida and New Jersey. It has the meaty, rich flavor and texture of mature corn. Baldor also carries baby corn, ears 3- to 6-inches long, sold in the husk. It’s not a dwarf variety, but regular sweet corn grown at Alewife Farm in Kingston, N.Y., and picked very young; even the central cob is tender. The smallest ones can be enjoyed raw in an assortment of crudités; larger ones are better sliced thin into a stir-fry or taco, or parboiled whole and served as a side dish. The season on these new varieties will extend into September.

Wild violet corn, $5.49 for four ears; baby corn, $39.99 for five pounds (about 40 ears), baldorfood.com.

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