You are on the verge of getting married, congrats! It can be the most exciting day of your life… But it can also be a rash step that you will come to regret later. It’s always advisable to make dead sure that you have the right man or woman alongside you that you can devote yourself to without reservations.

So, run through this list of five points to see whether you are well suited to each other before you take the plunge. Also, you will get to know your would-be spouse better!

How do you understand what it is to be committed?

Commitment is the very foundation of your union, so before you join your lives, you should make sure that both of you have a similar understanding of what commitment means. Supposing your ideas about it are widely different, your marriage may eventually come to a sad end. If what one person believes to be momentous the other just shrug off, frustration is bound to set in and spoil the joy.

Therefore it is highly important that both of you should discuss the notion and learn what the other thinks about fidelity, mutual respect, and relationship in general. If you are disappointed at what you heard, well, you did it at the right time, and that should be some consolation to you.

Your ways of handling budget

The main ground for arguments and dissension in families is money! It ruined more relationships than you can imagine. When one spouse is all for saving, and the other is set that money is earned to be spent, you are in for an endless string of altercations.

Inquire into your would-be spouse habits of handling money and see if you can create a way to manage your budget that would be acceptable to you both. If you happen to strike a stumbling block, you can call in a financial adviser who could sort out your disagreements and hit upon a method that will suit everyone.

How will the marriage change your relationships with friends and family?

So he wants you to be at his side always, while you are fixing to spend Friday evening with your friends. Or he’s used to going to his parents’ for the weekend, and you believe the best schedule for a Sunday is staying together at home after a long walk in the country.

You’d better find out all about the pastime habits before you make it official. If one is trying to get away often and the other is left alone and dejected, you won’t be so happy together as you have hoped to.

While you will be discussing how you would prefer to spend weekends and holidays, ask how much time he likes to spend with his family and if they always get together for big days. Mind you get to know beforehand if he has family members afflicted with addiction or mental disorders because such things might become a part of your life as well.

How each of you behaves under stress

Another momentous question is what you partner’s ways of behaving when he’s experiencing stress are. Can you imagine how you will feel and what you will do when you are alone with your spouse who is frantic or depressed? Your relationship will be strengthened beyond any storms if you learn to deal with your partner’s tantrums and outbursts.

Once you both have gotten into the habit of assuaging each other’s pains and sorrows, deadening explosive situations, your bond will grow. On the other hand, if you are left alone with your private hell, your relationship may dissolve before long.

The ways of expressing love and affection

Everyone’s heart is eager to feel it is loved. Besides, we are very susceptible to our accepted ways of expressing love. We may not understand ways of expression others than we are accustomed to.

Men can fall into thinking that while they are working hard to earn money for the family they express their love fully. But it can leave you feeling neglected because he is too busy to embrace you every night when he comes home. Love should flow unchecked, even if he, or you both, are too busy. Find time to be alone and share your feelings as much as you can. Keep in mind that all people need every assurance of love that they can get. And they don’t want to ask for it.

So if you found out that you are in perfect understanding about exchanging love tokens, and appreciate how your partner shows his love – then marriage is the best thing you can think of!