Nowadays free home space is becoming a luxury, especially if you live in a city. Because when you live in a metropolis, you normally live in an apartment. And a square meter of it costs so much you can’t afford to have a large one. If you’re a few people you have things you need to store somewhere. But where? Luckily, there are tons of different storage ideas for those living in small flats.

We’ve heard of transformers in books and movies, but there’s barely a family not using them already in their home. There are really awesome ideas of transformer furniture out there.

If for some reason you missed them, enjoy the following video:

We hope, it will inspire you to decide on some changes in your home making it more comfortable and storing more.

Here’s one more video with great storing ideas:

If you still need more inspiration, check out these creative storage solutions:

We hope you’ve found some inspiration to store your belongings in a small apartment better and handier.