Psychologists are convinced that the smarter a man, the stronger the relationship.

A team of researchers from the Hanken School of Economics (Finland) decided to find out the secret of attractiveness of smart men. They interviewed nearly 200,000 men between the ages of 18 and 45. They were asked various questions, including those included in IQ tests.

About two-thirds of the respondents were single. At the end of the test, the scientists took note of the bachelors and closely watched their fate for five years. Most of all, the psychologists were interested in who and when would have a family – a wife and children. And here are some interesting conclusions that the researchers made a few years after the end of the experiment.

Smart people can make money

The more experienced and smarter a person is, the higher his social status becomes, the higher income he receives, and the greater benefits he can provide for himself and his family.

Smart people know how to communicate

Women don’t just prefer more affluent men. For example, a man with three cars is less likely to succeed in love than a man with one vehicle, but able to explain his thoughts clearly and intelligibly and understanding other people just as well.

It is verbal intelligence that helps men get married and saves them from divorce.

The smart ones are demanded

Why is this important for young women? Young, beautiful, successful and resourceful ladies need an example to follow, an equal partner (or even a little stronger), who will be nice to move forward with.

It is interesting to stay with the smart ones

There is always something to talk about with them. They are able to have a conscious dialogue, they have a breadth of topics for discussion, and you get a perfect partner.

They show flexibility

Smart men are well aware of the importance of sometimes giving in for no reason – just to make their loved ones happy.

Smart people work on their relationships

The couple’s happiness does not depend on whether people have the same views on life and the future or not. Happy are those couples in which both partners are ready to work on the relationship. If there is a problem, they do not hide their heads in the sand, but sit down at the negotiating table and look for compromises. A smart man understands this well.

The smart ones support sincerely

Smart partners rejoice in each other’s success. If the husband is not happy with his wife’s success, scolds her in vain and even envies her, it is difficult to call the relationship a happy one.