If you are absolutely unlucky in your personal life, do not blame the surrounding people or force majeure circumstances for your failure. It is better to start with yourself, so think about whether you are doing everything to change the situation. Geniusbeauty.com talked to psychologists and identified the main reasons why you are still single.

You do not let go of past relationships

Another reason why you just cannot tackle your personal life is that you just do not let go of past relationships. Even if you broke up with a man a long time ago, deep inside you still have feelings for him and hope that someday you will be able to be together again. Of course, this may happen, but the phrase “one cannot step into the same river twice” is more relevant than ever in this case. Few lovers manage to forgive mutual grievances and start all over again. In most cases, such a union does not withstand the burden of the past and, unfortunately, falls apart. If for some reason you broke up with a person, it means that you were not satisfied with something in this relationship. Therefore, allow yourself to find happiness with another man, but try not to make the same mistakes, so that this time the romance is not over with a separation.

You have experienced a psychological trauma

Perhaps you have already had a negative experience of a relationship, which does not allow you to start a new romance. Or after that very experience, you don’t want to get acquainted with men at all simply because you are afraid of repeating the same old story and think that it’s better to leave it as it is, so as not to hurt yourself even more. In such cases, psychologists recommend not to hurry, not to force yourself into dating, but to arrange a little recess. For example, switch your attention to something that gives you pleasure: friends and close people, interesting work, inspiring hobbies and so on. And who knows, soon you will again feel the desire to fall in love and go down the aisle with your chosen one. Everything is possible in this life, believe it or not!

Subconsciously you are not ready to take the responsibility

Even if you meet a great man, as it seems to you, something prevents you from taking the right steps towards the civil registry office and creating a strong family. You are subconsciously not ready for such a decision and are trying to find hundreds of excuses why you should not do this. Of course, the man does not agree to constantly be in two minds, so one day he will go to the lady who has long determined what she wants and how to get it. Well, once again you will think that marital happiness is not for you and will return to your usual state of a lonely independent person. Psychologists remind you that you can (and should!) fight with your inner fears so that they do not destroy your life.

You are too emotional and unpredictable

Imagine: you are too emotional to react to what is happening, take everything close to heart and violently express your emotions. Not every man will withstand this kind of passion. If at the very beginning of a relationship this seems nice to him, soon he will turn to the woman with whom he will be psychologically comfortable. Spanish passions can be found in cinema, for example, so it is not necessary to transform your relationship into the so-called “roller coaster”. Experts advise all emotional ladies to control their thoughts and try to cope with their experiences.

You have not found your love because you just do not want it

It also happens that you are a loner by nature and you feel well alone with yourself and without any relations. You feel self-sufficient and consider that for happiness you lack completely different things. Love, relationships, and family are not included in this list. Psychologists claim that there is nothing wrong with that. In the modern world, many women have ceased to see the meaning of life precisely in marriage and/or in children and have focused on their ambitions. They make a brilliant career, lead large international projects, travel a lot, get a second (or third) higher education, do charity work and feel quite comfortable.

You are not confident and do not know how to build relationships

Psychologists remind that the relationship between a man and a woman is a kind of projection of the woman’s idea about herself. In other words, if you are not self-confident and think that you cannot please a decent man, you agree to unpromising relations in which your partner will disrespect you, thus developing even more complexes in you. As soon as you yourself begin to appreciate and respect yourself, the person you deserve will be yours. And you should not agree to something that seems unacceptable or doubtful to you.