Men lie for various reasons: out of fear of losing a woman, trying to avoid a scandal, out of a desire to seem better than they are. But not a single normal relationship has been built on lies yet. Therefore, be on your guard: below you can read men’s phrases, which you should never believe.

“I just don’t like texting”

When a man is interested in a woman, he likes doing everything with her and for her – texting, calling, and serenading under her window.

“I had no time”, “I’m very busy”

Other variations: “an emergency at work/in life”, “so much going on.” Nobody gets too busy for texting three lines or a minute’s conversation.

“I left/lost your gift”

When a person has been choosing a present diligently for a long time, he can’t leave it somewhere. He just felt embarrassed, when you gave him a gift and he showed up empty-handed.

“I just want to chill alone this weekend”

This is not even a hint, but a direct statement: it is better for him to be alone than with you.

“I need time”, “I’m not ready yet”

Translation: he doesn’t want any commitment, but doesn’t mind sleeping with you from time to time. And, most likely, he has a few more ladies in mind – he is taking time to choose the one that he likes more.

“I just got out of a relationship, and I’m not ready for new ones yet”

Your boyfriend hasn’t forgotten his ex-girlfriend yet, or simply is not ready for commitment, but only looking for a girlfriend for the time being.