Do you want your hair to look better, shine, and be healthier? These simple rituals will enhance hair growth, improve its appearance, and help it stay clean longer.

Drying your hair before bed

Wet hair is very fragile, and during sleep, we change positions and create unnecessary friction that affects the condition of the hair. Choose a smooth pillowcase surface (silk, for example). The smoother the fabric, the more silky and less tousled your hair will be after you fall asleep. It is important to change your pillowcase as often as possible, this will allow you to wake up with clean scalp and hair (and wash it less often!).

Applying a warm mask

A mask (purchased or homemade) should be warmed up with a “water bath” (hold over hot water for several minutes), the mask should not be hot, but warm instead. Then apply it to washed and wiped hair along the entire length (without touching the roots), distribute the warm mask evenly with your fingers, then wrap with a towel and walk with it for about 20 minutes.

Rinse off with warm water (not hot!). The hair will thus be nourished, become more shiny and silky. It is advisable to repeat the procedure 1-2 times a month.

Using thermal protection

When using hot tools, always use heat protection sprays, mousses or lotions. This will help take care of the hair (such products envelop the hair and prevent its structure from destroying, while retaining moisture), the curls will shine more and stay styling longer.

Head massage before washing

This is a very useful habit that will improve blood circulation in the hair follicles. Blood flow improves, which means more oxygen is delivered to the cells, and the hair grows stronger and faster. It is best to do spiral and zigzag movements without bending your fingers.

It takes 3-5 minutes to spend on such manipulations. The same effect will be observed if you comb your hair several times. Soft bristles like Tangle Teeser are best suited for this.

Scalp peeling

Scrubbing the scalp is desirable to do at least once a month, this helps to accelerate hair growth.

Do not forget about scrub and peeling, that is, deep cleansing from impurities that are not always visible to the eye (styling, street dust), then the scalp breathes more freely, and the hair becomes more voluminous and shiny.