Everyone loves to soak in the bathroom with a book or relaxing music? But after a pleasant procedure, you should not do these things right away. Below are 5 mistakes we make after taking a bath or shower.

We dress

Don’t rush to get dressed right after your bath. Wrap yourself up in a cozy robe and rest for another 20-30 minutes. Let the body cool down. Let the moisturizer (you remember to use it after water procedures, right?) get absorbed well. The advice is also suitable for those who shave in the shower: if you immediately put on “street” clothes, irritation on the skin is possible.

We eat

Do not eat immediately after a bath. A healthy break for a comfortable digestion process is 45 minutes. A glass of warm water or herbal tea right after the bath is a great idea.

We rub the skin hard with a towel

Rubbing your skin hysterically with a towel, trying to dry it quickly is a bad idea. It leads to irritation, especially in the freshly shaved places. It is necessary to wipe off, gently blot the remaining water. If possible, it is advisable to wrap yourself in a clean large towel and walk in it for a few minutes so that all the moisture is absorbed. By the way, the same rule applies to hair: when wet, it is especially “vulnerable” and requires care – you do not need to twist and squeeze it with all your might.

We apply it to the wet body

It is pointless to apply deodorant or moisturizer to the wet body, the products will not be absorbed and will not begin to act, since they will actually be pushed out by the water. Dry well and then apply all the necessary beauty artillery.

We apply a cleansing mask to the skin

After a bath, the skin is hot, so it’s time to apply a mask, but not a cleansing one. In fact, you have performed a cleansing procedure. Too much cleansing, which also means bad friction, can dry the skin.

After taking a bath, the pores are opened – it’s time to make a moisturizing face mask, apply milk, cream or body oil.