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It would be laughably offensive to get the bookworm in your life an actual book. The person follows new lit drops like it’s their daily horoscope, so finding a novel they haven’t clocked is a pointless endeavor. Sidestep the process with giftable loopholes that offer them the same comfort as their favorite author. Because have you ever met a book lover who didn’t also love candles? I think not. Ahead, 35 non-cheesy gifts for the readers in your life (and not a Harry Potter knick knack in sight). If you’re feeling extra generous, don’t forget to throw in a gift card to their local bookshop, too.

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Book Light



$13.95 (30% off)

Here’s a practical but much-appreciated gift. 

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Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw

Nordstrom at Home


Cozying up with a good book requires a fluffy blanket. 

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Lumio Book Lamp


If their decor taste is a bit literal. 

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Library Stamp



They’ll never lose track of their personal library again. 

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Double Curb Chain



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Ceramic Dream of Desert Mug



They always fancy a cuppa. 

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Afro Blue


This special blend will get them in the mood. 

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Iridescent Wine Glasses

Gather by Anthropologie


Or if they’re not a tea drinker, head to the booze aisle and pair their favorite wine with a chic glass set. 

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Initial Leather Bookmark



Here’s a corner bookmark that won’t crease the book’s spine. 

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Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards

Obvious State Studio


$16.13 (19% off)

Based on famous novels, these postcards help support the USPS too. 

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Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy — Wood Bath Tray Expandable with Book and Wine Holder — Gift Idea for Loved Ones



$34.99 (30% off)

Bathtime is sacred. 

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Gozo Dress



A house dress fit for walking through the mud to Pemberley.  

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Large Cypress Balls Candle



Loewe’s brand new candles are for olfactory aficionados. 

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Mail Run Slipper



Did they really spend the evening reading if they weren’t wearing fuzzy slippers?  

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Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser



An essential oil diffuser is almost as soothing as Toni Morrison’s prose. 

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Horizontal Duck Bag



A heavy duty tote bag (that is equally cute) is a must for someone who lugs around hardcovers. 

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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700


Give them these so they can effectively tune out the world while reading.

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Hand Stamped Brass Bookmark — Personalized Bookmark — Customized Bookmark — Custom Stamped Bookmark — Hand Made Present — Book Accessory



Get this bookmark stamped with an inspirational phrase.   

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Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask



A twenty minute facial is at least one chapter’s worth of reading. 

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Peach Fringe Coasters



Considering how many mugs she drinks while reading, coasters are a must.  

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Pajama Camisole Top and Shorts



A neutral PJ set will make lazy Sundays so much better. 

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GG jacquard armchair



Go the distance and give them a reading chair, why not gift Gucci? 

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Palo Santo Smudge Sticks

Blue Sage Eco Boutique


They can cleanse their room before starting a new novel. 

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The Book Lover’s Journal

Brand: Peter Pauper Press


$12.66 (16% off)

Keep their literary thoughts organized with this journal, which tracks every book on their list.  

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Not Now I’m Reading



Never not reading. 

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Try gifting merch from their fave bookshop. 

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Handbound Necklace

Sofia Zaskia


This 14k charm opens up and can be engraved with their favorite book quote. 

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Arrangement Pillow 04

Studio Proba


Lumbar support is important. 

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The Alpaca Crop Cardigan — Almond



Fall is coming. 

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Teal Cotton Velvet Floor Pillow



Are they more likely to read on the floor? This is for them. 

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