The relationship between the sexes often resembles an endless battle. Major stakes are at issue, but these cannot be won or lost in a short period of time. Meanwhile, in the interims, there are so many little things that could endear partners to each other as surely as the sun rises on your union with each new day.

So, to all those (gentle)men who would like to win a lady’s heart or to keep their significant other happy, here are listed some of those trifling things that can change the atmosphere of your relationship forever.

Better call than text

Texting has been made too easy – you find a love-soaked poem or send through a nice image about how much you are missing her. These are nice gestures, but far more pleasant it is to hear the familiar voice and to read its tones of affection and consideration. Give her this extra joy to receive a call instead of an image and feel that you, too, like to talk to her when you have a free minute.

Inquire about her day

Show that you are concerned with her well-being, and though you know very well that she is goddess-like capable of handling her routine life, let her tell you all about it. Ask her how she is getting on so you can remark again how wonderful she is and how well she can tackle things. Let her confide in you and seek your advice about what she does.

It’s all right to hear her out, but it’s better to listen and offer helpful suggestions

Just how you listen can make a crucial difference in your relationship. It’s one thing if you ask her about her day and let her tell you about it, and another if you show you are taking in everything she says, let her express her emotions freely and can come up with soothing words when it is necessary or a piece of advice when she needs one.

Tell her you love her out of the blue to give her a pleasant surprise

As the relationship goes on and on, people are apt to miss out on saying how much they love each other. Saying that you love her may begin to sound a bit worn out and too common a saying to convey the strength of your affectionate feelings for your beloved woman. Even if it is absolutely correct, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep using this reminder to make the female core in her happy as she hears it yet again.

Tote her heavy things from the store or when journeying

It would be so nice if it happened every time you go out together and she has things to carry. As you relieve her of her load, it means much more to her than you know. You show by this how reliable you are, that you are around to bear the brunt of her burden. It’s a sort of a promise and a pledge that is highly welcome and sends warm waves through the heart.

Prepare a meal for you both

While many things are changing in the modern world, cooking is still strongly fixed in the public mind as a female occupation. Working women do the cooking, too, though it is harder to take in why they should. There are many good reasons why you would do well if you turned the tables and treated her to a meal that you cooked yourself on your kitchen stove.

Pick her up at work when she has late hours

This one can actually show how considerate you are – and it goes a long way in a relationship. Or, on the other hand, it can reveal a failing. So she often works until late in the evening, that may be irksome for you – but it’s many times more irksome and tiring for her. Pick her up, help her feel glad and relax as soon as she steps outside.

When you are about to go out with your crowd, leave her some goodies

However close you are, you still keep your own companies and go out to spend time with them now and again leaving the other partner alone. That’s all right, but why not show a little consideration about the one left behind? Give her some goodies to enjoy while you’re away, and when you are on your way back, ask if she would like you to bring something nice home.

Don’t stint her an extra compliment or two

Saying compliments is another good habit that somehow dies down as the relationship gets longer. Meanwhile, the lady tries to look her best just as much as she did when you first met. It’s always up to her to look winsome, she never stops working for it, and it would be very supportive (and extremely pleasant!) to know every time that she made a success of her job.

She wants to grow and would appreciate your help

Personal development is something we all value, and each of us is trying to patch up our weak spots so as to become a better and stronger individual. She makes headway, and she would like you to notice it and comment on it. On her way to a better self she may have moments of weakness or stand in need of advice and support – and it’s a great prop for your relationship if she finds in you everything she needs.

All these behaviors are easy to acquire, but their importance cannot be belittled. Your wonderful lady certainly deserves all these gestures of attention and consideration – and whatever kind of man she has ever dreamt of, it is a man who does all this and thereby makes her feel confident, beautiful and appreciated. There’s nothing a lady would like more than this!